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A friend referred me to Touchstone Physical Therapy and I cant thank him enough. If you want results Michael will help you reach them! He knows what to do to give you your quality of life back!
Audrey B.
17:47 08 Jul 19
Dr. Michael is so knowledgeable and encouraging! He is so calm by nature which is soothing. And he's just fun to talk to!
Sherri B.
19:11 29 Jun 19
If you are in pain and need relief you owe it to yourself to visit Touchstone Physical Therapy. I've done it all surgery, injections, pain management, this clinic has helped the most.
Calvin J.
22:59 26 Jun 19
Caring, attentive and friendly staff. When you hurt this a place of solutions.
Warren W.
20:17 26 Jun 19
Great staff and very flexible. I came my first day not so sure if I would ever get back to feeling like myself with my back injuries. I am happy and pleased to say with consistent work, I’m back to the old me.
Kimira L.
15:20 11 Apr 19
Michael agreed to assess my 8 yr old daughter who was a tip toe walker. I had been turned down by another therapist who said it was a neurological issue (without even seeing her). Michael assessed and began therapy and within one month her range of motion went from a -15 to +3 (normal is between 5 and 10). Very appreciative!! I would highly recommend Touchstone to anyone. This will be our therapist of choice if ever we need one in the future. His assistant, Ben and secretary, Sarah, are amazing as well! A million thanks from the Durham family!!!
Jacob D.
01:30 20 Feb 19
Excellent and knowledgeable care. The office staff is welcoming and efficient. I like the size of this office. It is much more personal than large practices.
Renee Kinney R.
02:53 19 Feb 19
Great staff. Great facility. They really do take care of you and get you feeling better than normal. I highly recommend this business!
Slater C.
20:41 15 Jan 19
I so appreciate the knowledge and experience Michael Teston has. A month after starting PT I am walking without a limp and pain free. I look forward to continuing what he has taught me to strengthen my knees and get back to being as active as I want to be.
Ranell Hunt P.
03:14 08 Dec 18
These folks are phenomenal. First time in years I have no back pain. They know what they are doing.
Janice Lynn Vines B.
18:38 14 Nov 18
This place has been a lifesaver for me. My back hurt 24/7. I feel like a new person now. The staff is wonderful. They are very knowledgeable, professional, and caring. The location is great; it is very easy to get there. I highly recommend Touchstone.
elizabeth case F.
02:01 25 Oct 18
This place is great!! The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. It is conveniently located with everything a person could need to improve and recover...
Elizabeth F.
18:54 24 Oct 18
This clinic is well managed and maintained! Michael seems to only hire the most professional, knowledgeable, and overall good people he can find! Thank you for getting me back on track!!
kimberly C.
17:19 12 Jul 18
I've been to many physical therapists over the years, and Michael is one of the best! Instead of telling me I HAVE to do so many of each exercise so many times a day, he said, "Now if it were my knee, this is what I would do." He completely got past my resistance to doing what I knew I should do, but didn't want to do! I love going as a "graduate" on my own time and being able to continue the program that he designed for me during treatment!
Sara Jane L.
20:11 03 Apr 18
I looove Dr. Michael to pieces! He listens to you & is very patient. He gives you the tools you need to improve. I'm not the most patient person, but he took the time to explain the importance of taking it a little slow, atleast at first. He gives a little homework to cover for the days you don't see him. Dr. Michael is awesome and the staff members are very friendly. If you're in need of a little physical therapy work, give Touchstone PT a try! You won't be disappointed!
Evette M.
08:27 24 Mar 18
Everyone there is professional and personable. I will be sad when my time there comes to an end.
Margarette L.
13:14 15 Mar 18
I greatly appreciated the accommodations that were made for me to come in early before work. It made my treatment manageable. I would absolutely recommend Michael and Touchstone Physical Therapy to anyone in need.
Betty H.
14:23 15 Nov 17
This is best place I ever visit ... I was thereBefore .. so nice people and they are friendly !! So helpful they are !! Everyone go this place and they will help u !!!
Mahu N.
15:07 25 Oct 17
This place is awesome! The appointments were always on time (and even early if I arrived early), Michael and the staff were very nice and professional; the facility is clean and comfortable; and they were able to do appointments after I got off work. I feel a lot better, and I have much more range of motion than I did before starting. I highly recommend Touchstone PT!
Amy E.
13:13 06 Jun 17
This place is awesome! The appointments were always on time (and even early if I arrived early), Michael and the staff were very nice and professional; the facility is clean and comfortable; and they were able to do appointments after I got off work. I feel a lot better, and I have much more range of motion than I did before starting. I highly recommend Touchstone PT!
Edna P.
13:11 06 Jun 17
Very good at what he do....the best. When I have my knee surgery I will make sure they refer me to him...No matter the problem and can fix it.
Kevin G.
04:16 13 Jan 17
I have been a patient of Dr. Michael more times than I want to name...But, he is the Best! ALWAYS ALWAYS Very encouraging & motivating me through my treatment...Always explains what is going on with you and the treatment so you completely understand how to make it work for you "Long Term"! You feel like family and I would recommend Dr. Michael Teston of Touchstone Physical Therapy as a first choice if you ever need it...Thanks Doc you the best!Nikie Musaddiq
Leahcor S.
18:45 10 Jan 17
Michael is the best! He pushes you to continually improve at the pace that is right for you.
Amber Deckard G.
22:27 08 Jan 17
Very nice and professional. Will definitely get you back to your goals. They are very flexible as well.
Kimira L.
23:44 30 Jun 16
The staff is so friendly! I appreciate the fact that my appointments are always started right on time. Michael always listens and seems sincere and concerned about my problems. Great environment to be in!
Kristin H.
19:02 22 Jun 16
My family will not go anywhere else for physical therapy. The office is very well run; the therapy is personalized; and there is chocolate at the end. Thank you, Alicia and Michael!
Tracey Meyer C.
16:08 20 Jun 16
I have worked at Touchstone for over a year now and personally I could not ask for a better place to work! Our physical therapist, Michael, really cares about our patients and focuses on getting them back to action!
sara K.
15:15 02 Jun 16
It was great and easy working with the staff at Touchstone Physcial Therapy. I know they care and are dedicated to my recovery. 5 Stars isn't enough!
Audrey B.
14:49 02 Jun 16
I have worked for Michael and been a patient many times since. I trust his way of working one on one with his patients and have seen the results and progress he's made with people. I admire his ability to help strengthen folks and the courage to go forward with whatever they're facing. Don't be just a number or another body in the gym. Get better with Michael's direction.!♡
Nancy Hann O.
13:50 04 May 16
Michael Teston provided me with great Physical Therapy for a knee injury. I had fallen down a flight of steps and required stitches in my knee. My knee became locked up & he worked with me to get the knee back to great working condition.
Debbie Jestice G.
23:14 25 Feb 16
Dr. Teston is the best physical therapist I have ever known, and I've had a slew of injuries! He's extremely attentive and nurturing and he cares wholeheartedly about your present health as he treats you and your future health. After my treatment ended, I have called him on occasion for advice and any concerns I had and he happily helped me and even continued to check on me! He was and is extremely active and has his own extensive experiences with injuries and surgeries which I know included at least multiple surgeries of the knees, shoulders, wrists, elbows, eyes, as well as many other areas. He knows from experience! And he's the sweetest, kindest man I know! His clinic has a Mom & Pop feel, so they definitely make you feel welcome and like family there. I love all the staff, they are ridiculously sweet as well! I would recommend this clinic to anyone and everyone! He's amazing I'm telling you!
Diana H.
19:52 24 Feb 16
Fantastic Care & Knowledge Here . Everyone Is Greeted With More Then A Smile. If You Want Honest Answers To Any Concerns , You're Given Facts.
Sean G.
14:32 24 Feb 16
Michael Teston and his staff are amazing people. They truly care about their patients and their community! Touch Stone staff made a huge difference in the lives of several adolescents over the holiday season! I really appreciate each of them.
Shelly Z.
18:50 11 Jan 16
I would like to come try that skydiving let me know when please
Greg L.
04:36 28 Sep 15
I worked for Touchstone Physical Therapy as a Technician . Mike Teston is a great Physical Therapist . He was super to work with & he is a wonderful man.
Robbie F.
00:55 19 Jul 15
Very professional, very effective, and very friendly. I went and saw Mike Teston the therapist for a back problem and my mother also went for a back problem and we both loved it, Mike and his staff is super friendly but above all else his therapy WORKS! Highly recommended!
Carter A.
22:21 17 Jul 15
Highly recommend Touchstone! The Teston family will treat you as their own and make sure you are on the road to recovery with the best treatment plan...
Julie B.
20:09 29 Jun 15
Touchstone PT enabled me to prevent surgery on my back through physical therapy. I had been to PT years earlier at another place but just got worse!! Touchstone is the best PT ever!! So thankful for Michael and the whole staff!!!!
Debbie McCaleb A.
16:57 25 Jun 15
Taylor H.
15:07 17 Jun 15
I was a physical therapy student at Touchstone and Michael was a wonderful teacher! He is truly committed to quality patient care and we had fun! He has a ton of experience and great skills, giving each patient one-on-one attention and individualized care. The facility and equipment are always sanitized and well maintained. Michael will explain everything and patiently answer your questions, going above and beyond to make your experience here a positive one. He and his staff were flexible as possible with scheduling and very respectful of patients' time, always striving to start when the patient arrived early to not make them wait and accommodating when patients were late. Touchstone upholds the highest of ethical standards and I would want anyone I care about to be treated here!
Natalie B.
01:08 16 Jun 15
Kendrick G.
21:51 01 Aug 14
Scott H.
22:44 20 Apr 14
Extremely nice and very knowledgeable rehab center!!!
Brandon H.
20:04 01 Apr 14
Jonathan F.
01:02 15 Dec 13
Dan B.
09:29 27 Nov 13
I fell several years ago and for 8 months tried to ignore the shoulder pain. It got to the point where I could not brush my hair nor sleep through the night. Within 2 months I was able to brush my hair, sleep through the night and swim laps in the pool again. I am back at Touchstone again for a neck injury and expect to regain my range of motion within a reasonable amount of time. 5 stars to Touchstone.
Connie L.
17:08 29 Oct 13
Bryan F.
17:53 18 Sep 13
Michael D.
01:02 03 Sep 13

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