Touchstone Physical Therapy - Little Rock

We make getting better simple.  The healthcare system has gotten so complicated with the mystery costs and impossible insurance requirements.  We will simplify things for you. 

*We can tell you how much treatment would cost you before your first appointment if that is important to you.  

*We will not require upfront payment for treatment ever.  We will never ask you to prepay for a “Package Deal” or sign a “Contract” for treatment.  You should consider that kind of practice suspicious.  

*We will make sure you know how much you will owe for each therapy visit after your initial evaluation.

*We will take care of the insurance details for you.  

*We will schedule your initial evaluation quickly.  We reserve appointments just for new patients in order to get you in as soon as possible.

*We will schedule your appointments around your busy schedule.  

*We will start your appointment on your scheduled time.

*We answer the phone when you call!!!